Five Steps to Better Partnership With Your Horse

Lorie Connect to the Feet

Five Ways To Start Building A Successful Partnership With Your Horse

by Chrissy Hoffman

Hi everyone. In this series of blog posts and videos, I’ll review some of steps you can take to have a better connection with your horse. Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve the partnership you already have, a solid understanding of these five lessons will give you a great foundation to work from no matter what your discipline.

Lesson 1: Staying in The Rectangle.
When you’re riding, your horse has a very simple job; it needs to stay in the rectangle that you define. Learn how you can use this highly effective tool to set clear guidelines for yourself and your horse.

Lesson 2: Relax. I’ve got this.
Where is your horse’s attention when you’re riding? Is it on you, or is it on the other horses and every possible distraction beyond your rectangle? Learn how to help your horse relax and stay focused on you.

Lesson 3: Find the feet.
In order to ride with precision, you need a good sense of where your horse’s feet are as each one leaves the ground. Start tuning into each step until you’re confident that you’re in step with your horse.

Lesson 4: Connect to the feet.
Your relationship with your horse comes down to one simple principle: Who is moving whose feet? If your horse is in charge, he’s doing the thinking and you’re doing the reacting. However, if you are the one moving the feet, your horse will relax, quiet his mind, and say “thank you”.

Lesson 5: Place the feet.
Now that you’ve found the feet and connected to the feet, it’s time to start placing the feet exactly where you want them. These simple exercises will help you guide your horse’s feet with precision.

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